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enjoy local traditional recipes cooked with the purest Greek ingredients

Terra Maltese Restaurant

we promise you unforgettable eating experiences

Choose your Mediterranean dish! In our restaurant, Medi-Terra Maltese, suggestions are inspired from the Cycladic and Italian cuisine, with complete and exquisite menu selections for all tastes.

There is a great variety of appetizers, main dishes and desserts, all with pure ingredients and local products.

Try out our home made recipes, made with knowledge, experience and love. Famous Mykonian products, are being served in their most delicious and mouthwatering versions, combined with the best ingredients. With a gastronomic sensitivity and emphasis to the quality of the flavor, the harmony and the fragrances, we have created for you a complete and at the same time affordable menu.

The meals are being served at the terrace of the restaurant with a panoramic view to the sea. You are welcome to enjoy your meal in a summer atmosphere along with the tranquility of the area, which characterizes the location of Terrace Maltese Natural Retreat.

Terra Maltese Restaurant

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Our philosophy is simple.

Each guest is unique so should our services be!