Your next surfing destination

For all of us being in love with the combination of water and wind the struggle is real when it comes to where to go on vacation and enjoy a nice wave planing.

Mykonos island is one of the most famous world wide  islands in Greece due to its every day party life. Although, Mykonos is not just that. How would you react if I told you that it can be a paradise to all these people crazy in love with the sea such as windsurfers and kite-surfers. Mykonos’nickname is “Island of the winds”and not unfair.

During summer season,“Meltemi” the legendary strong wind passes by the Cycladic islands.The wind blows consistently, both speed and direction.It’s easy to notice how popular water sports are as you explore the beaches of Mykonos.These annual winds are an impressive natural force to experience in the Greek islands. They blow hard and that makes the perfect conditions for windsurfing.

Mykonos is a paradise for windsurfers, as well as those who love kitesurfing and sailing. Plenty of beaches across the island offer water sports. Thus, experienced wind and kite surfers prefer the quieter stretches of coastline, such as the beach of Ftelia.

Ftelia is the northernmost beach of Mykonos island famous for its wind. Its clear waters makes it perfect for windsurfers and other water sports lovers as well. It is considered one of the calmest and most peaceful beaches on the island, thanks to the wind which deters those who just prefer to sunbathe.

In Ftelia Beach either you are a professional or a beginner you will be able to catch the perfect wave. Due to strong north winds and big waves you will have your mind at ease when it comes to swimmers.Also its secluded area gives you the freedom to park wherever you want in order to prepare your equipment before you conquer the waves.

All of the above are wonderful and you are extremely happy because you can combine your vacation with your favorite hobby right? But what happens when the time comes to wash and store your equipment? Where will you leave it in order to go for a dinner or a drink or a walk at Mykonos town?

No worries!! Either you come alone or with your family you can book your accommodation in our Terra Maltese Natural Retreat hotel. We will provide you water to clean your equipment and you will be able to leave it secure while you are strolling around the island. Last but not least you will be close to your “soon to be” favorite beachfor water sportsand your stay in Mykonos.

Are you still thinking about it?

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